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  1. I already have my system tuned a bit using BroadbandOptimizer v1.5 for OSX, and that changes a few values... I think it's working, as my brother's untuned computer gets 1.5mbit while I get 2.5-3mbit. I couldn't really get much out of the guide VanBuren posted, as most of the values seemed to be named differently... don't know why, I had thought that most of the core stuff is the same across unix variations.
  2. Yeah I can do that, I just need to know what the equivalent of RWIN is on unix, i think its recvspace or something
  3. Good news!!! We got a "bandaid fix"! The supervisor himself came over to oversee the problem, and we called the tech with the solution, and that fixed the problem. If you have a router, specifically a Linksys one, I could give the fix to you. The speeds have gone from 150kbit to 3.1mbit!
  4. That's EXACTLY the problem I have right now, and I live somewhere near you in Palo Alto (I think that's near?)!!! I've called Comcast quite a bit about this, and I got the number of their regional supervisor, so I grill him every now and then on when it's gonna be fixed... he's calling in a tech over any minute now, and I ain't gonna let him leave till it's fixed, hehe. The supervisor said they are having local problems right now, and that the problem is only affecting certain MAC addresses, and that there's a fix that they know of. He said changing the router's MAC address and having it
  5. Comcast called me up and told me that they've been having problems in my regional area (1 mile radius of me)... something about "return paths" and "head wire" or something. Anyways, they said they are troubleshooting and should have it fixed by "the end of the week"...
  6. Should this be moved to the Comcast forum section?
  7. I realize that, but I'm still very confident that I have no spyware/virus problems going on. This problem is occuring across 3 different computers. The problem is not GUI sluggishness or anything of the sort, but rather it really does feel like i have a 100-200kbit cap on every individual connection (but all of the connections draw from the 4mbit pool). Everything I've used my internet connection for confirms this... internet radio, P2P applications, surfing, testing sites such as this,etc. The only discrepancies are pings and the fact that my brother can somehow download at 200-300kb/sec from
  8. I'm quite positive that's not the problem... this is a virtually new installation, and I know I have no spyware or viruses, since I haven't really downloaded anything yet. Plus, no one writes viruses/spyware for Mac I asked around and I found that some people said I should be looking into signal/line attenuators to solve my problem. Does anyone know if these would help me, and if so, should I just get one from Comcast right now or should I wait till the technician comes in on wednesday?
  9. about the "target unpingable" thing -- depends on what ISP you have and where you are located... when I was on the network at ASU, I couldn't be pinged and I'd get messages like that all the time because they blocked ICMP pings, so you might have a similar situation.
  10. I'm having really, really bad problems with my throughput speeds on my Comcast cable internet connection. The short story is that I'm getting 100-200kbit download speeds on an advertised 4mbit connection, while upload speeds are close to the advertised 384kbit.For the speed report by testmy.net, check the bottom of this post. The "cliff's notes" on my problem: - I followed all the instructions on that sticky that you guys point everyone to. - I have a Mac, running OS X 10.3.8. - I downloaded and installed BroadbandOptimizer v1.5, which does not help my speeds at all. - I've tried co
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