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  1. Ah yes, Commodore 64 was good as was the Amiga. Too bad too, the Commodore Amiga was better GUI wise than the Mac 512K at the time(1984). But I still use my Compaq Presario 1610(laptop) occasionally to run dood old DOS. It's loaded w/ Win 95, 48Mb RAM, 1.6GB hard drive, Pentium 1.5Hz processor..heck, it's "Da Bomb!!"
  2. sundevil13, Get as much memory as you can afford. I run 781 Mb and haven't had any problems, but if you can get a "gig" of memory , then do so. If you've never installed a "memory" chip before, have a friend do it for you. If your computer is still under warranty, have the store where you bought it from do it for you. Trust me, I went through this two years ago with a memory upgrade-got a bad chip, and hosed the o.s.(XP). But took my computer back to Best Buy, and got everything runn'in correctly for free..gotta love the extended warranty that best buy sells-got a new power supply two months ago-for free.
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