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  1. I can download a P2P AVI movie file, and at 60-70% volume to blows me out of the room......But when I convert the AVI file to VOB files to burn on a DVD to watch on the big screen......my audio levels drop so I have to play it at 100% and lean forward to catch all, except explosions. I can not figure out why I am loosing audio levels, picture quality is great with no glitches, but the audio sucks! It is digital so how could this happen......please help. I use AVI2DVD software, DVD Shrink, Nero to burn.....could use some help here! Buzz
  2. You got that right, I keep looking for a guy with a gun I know somebody is holding me up.....its more like WTF than anything else.....funny site Buzz
  3. It's on my list of things to do! Right now I am backing up all of my "NEW" software and getting rid of umpteen copies of windows, service packs etc. Making ISO install files for upgrades and software verification without having to go get the install disks everytime I tweak something! I WANT TO GET ALL OF THE WORK DONE BEFORE I START PLAYING GAMES ON THAT NEW CARD......Once bitten I will be up all night! Buzz
  4. I have not had time to test this yet, maybe the update thingy has to do with it being beta software...and we don't have the activation key code that unlocks the beta software......Microsoft charges $2,000 bucks or more for being a beta tester. I think it's every quarter you get a book of all of Microsoft's beta software with some kind of code application tool for application builders.....anyway I have not tried this out yet..sorry not much help here. Buzz
  5. You already have the spyware in your computer, it is trying to hookup with the new installation...stay alive as it were. Go to this website and at the bottom of the page use the removal tool. Then try your installation again. http://www.spywareguide.com/product_show.php?id=599 GET SOME GOOD SPYWARE/VIRUS SOFTWARE OR YOU WILL BE RIGHT BACK WHERE YOU STARTED IN NO TIME AT ALL. My preference is the McAfee Security suite 7.0 or whatever is current, you get upgrades almost daily to stop all new virus's,spyware,spam etc. blocked. It's worth the money for the security! Buzz
  6. Thanks I'll give it a test run.... Buzz
  7. I paid $157.34 with shipping.....from Newegg.com.
  8. This is a beta version right? Just install over IE6? Buzz
  9. New BFG 7800GTX OC (GPU) 503MHz (Memory) 1.3 GHz 3dmark05 Benchmark: 6651 Buzz
  10. I have a PCI Express Asus Ge Force 6600 w/256MB ram with VGA and dvi outputs....I will sell you really cheap....I have the original box and software that came with it, it's three weeks old and works really well.
  11. Buzz


    :haha: well so much for that....guess it will be used only late night....I guess thats what phone cards are for.. Buszz
  12. Buzz


    what is the minimum speed required to use "voice over blah, blah" will my sat upload speed be too slow to support it? Buzz
  13. OK provided you have done all of the expected things.....checked for viruses, spyware, keystroke monitors etc.....done the defragmentation of your hard drive AND registry. You have done all of the above right? Good! Make sure you are using the latest Van Buren settings....Version 7 I believe....https://testmy.net/forum/t-1013 this should be the link you need to get there......try the DW6000 settings there. Oh Yeah, use cablenut to delete all of your previous settings, before loading the new ones. Reboot and check out your speeds......if you still are not happy, I have some settings, plus I have done some registry tweaks I can pass on......but before you try any of my settings....TRY VAN BURENS STUFF FIRST......if you still can't get what your after shoot him an e-mail......I am not trying to put you off, Vans settings work with allot of different systems. Mine are pretty much customized for my machine, but have helped others so I do offer them..... Good Luck Buzz
  14. What OS are you running....routers or direct connect.....nic card or USB port? DW6000 Modem w/standard account??? Hummmm?!! Buzz
  15. It is most likely a server issue, bandwidth costs money.
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