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  1. Satellite Internet Service customers must consider that their service goes over a satellite hop and due to the inherent delay in this type of service you should always run your speed test with a file size of 1 Meg or better. The larger the file size the better the algorithm can negate the delay and give a true speed result. Also be aware that dual test and automatic/smart test will start with a smaller file size and go toward a larger file and then average them out. This can skew the results because the smaller file sizes, which are probably not as accurate, will be averaged in with larger file sizes and test that are more accurate. Testmy.net is the best place to test because you have the ability to select the file sizes. Try it and see. Oh and if your satellite service offering is a really high speed service, 2 to 12 meg or better down and up, Use file sizes like 10 Meg down and 2 Meg up. Your results should prove what im saying. And don't trust most flash type test engines. They are not accurate!
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