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  1. k well i think i have a virus boys>< umm like as u all know i play ffxi and being an online game i think it requires ports? and i think i hvae a virus contained in this thing called ftpupd.exe i cant delete it in regular windows mode so i open up safe mode and quarantine it with norton then delete it...all is well for a while then it appears again in the system 32 folder..when it re- appears im not able to access ffxi and internet explorer>< someone please help me ^^

  2. well lol i was raised with a house of boys that all they did was play the old ff games and they were my brothers of course all of them a lil nerdy chess club and all that, but arent we all creatures of our environment? well i will look for more pictures i think i may have a few lyin around that was takin by my brother seth ^^ lol i didnt want to turn this into a " i dont belive this is really le shay" forumm lol but if i find some i will post them^^

  3. Well hello everyone my name is Le Shay and am new to this cool website lol and yes i am female lol u can check my pic out at ffxiplayers.com i love this game and want to know how many people on this site play it!!

    please post your server/jobs/crafting lvls and name of linkshell

    only post this info if u want




    -no crafting>,<

    -LS-Elvaan knights!!!!!!!

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