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  1. Ahh.. I posted about this a couple of days ago.. I started noticing in about a week before Christmas or so... Throttling has been my suspicion since, however, on *some* torrents, I'm still getting descent speeds.. but on the whole... no. Hopefully this thread doesn't die... Encryption doesn't help, I'm wondering what would be a good solution. I'm assuming this is all due in part to the major headaches Insight were having after the upgrade, since it basically killed tons of peoples connections for weeks. Mine was severely injured for 2-3 weeks directly after the upgrade. I'm su
  2. What the odds of a NAT error w/o running through a router, and what circumstances would make this possible?
  3. Yeah my speeds are increased very nice! Torrenting still very iffy though... mega stumped on it.
  4. Well, I understand not getting full speeds.... that doesn't concern me too much, but not getting a green light bothers me. I have seen speeds on some torrents reach 1.1mb/s, but obviously not at all regularly.. On average I used to normally get 300-600, but now I'm peaking at 50 k/s. I definately appreciate the help, i've lurked on these boards for quite some time and I have huge faith that at bare minimum, ya'll know what your doing
  5. Also: I've just completely turned off my Windows Firewall, and repaired my connection, with no results. It seems that even with that off there is still the problem. I've also read that Insight may have implemented a firewall on there side... does this sound at all accurate?
  6. I am convinced... I'm not behind a router, and am using the newer style motorola surfboard modem. connection is 10/1. Excellent speed tests from here now. Utorrent and Azureus giving me NAT errors, both are added as exceptions in Windows Firewall, and there are no other firewall programs running. Avast! is running, but I've never had a problem with it in the couple years i've been using it.. This problem just started out of the blue, a week or so after the "upgrade" (and after it finally levelled out after all of the problems.) I got slightly better results af
  7. Well, I suppose I failed to mention that part of it. I'm not behind a router, plugged straight to modem, and haven't had problems w/ BT until last week, there were burps right after the upgrade, but the speed tests reflected those as well.... generally when my speed tests are fine, BT runs great too. - sorry for leaving that out!
  8. Ok. My speed tests are showing steady around 9.66mbps, and up is @ .9 But, no matter what torrent I connect to, whether it has 10 seeds or 250, I can connect to tons of seeds and peers, but no speed! I'm not a newb to the torrent world, so after testing many, many different files.... I have decided that Insight must have started throttling bittorrent or something.. anyone have any other clues or rationales? Thursday Night I downloaded an 8gb file @ 1200kb, and since yesterday morning nothing will move faster than 5kbps.... never had a problem with it before. Thanks!
  9. I may have read too fast and just missed it, but have you tried bypassing your router for testing purposes? See if your speeds are severely better without the router... If not, then no harm done... Just a thought. In the long run that probably won't help anyhow, since obviously if your behind a router you can stay just connected directly to the modem, but that would at least help out with tracking down speed issues.
  10. I remember upgrading a compaq somewhere around a year ago, and I *believe* it wouldn't let me put just 1 stick in, I had to put the second in as well. Definately appears that 2700 should work, 3200 would be "optimal" but the 2700 should at least boot if there seated correctly. A buddy of mine didn't get his snapped in all the way and got the beeps.
  11. We (insight) are now on the 1mb up, i'm almost getting it, 2mb up would be astounding!
  12. I did. Cool, I just wasn't sure, I'm not a total newb at pc's, but with tweaking I am... good to hear I didn't screw something up.
  13. I just did the TCP Optimizer, and I *think* i did it right, i just slid the bar over to 10000kbps, and clicked the "optimal" radio button at the bottom and clicked apply, and my speeds increased. We shall see.. I suppose if nothing else I can always restore my backup. What do you guys think, did I do it right?
  14. Last night I got on Insightbb.com, and there was a message saying "from 11-28-30, there was some speed issues for some customers but service is now running normally" well, mine lasted MUCH more than those 2 days, as I'm sure for everyone else, and upon reading that I did a speed test to see that I was pulling 1.31mb down.. I wrote them yet another email, telling them not to be so blasphemous. this morning however I tested and got this:
  15. My down speeds aren't as good as earlier now, but they still are much better than they have been for the last couple weeks. My upload speed has dropped a few points too, but it fluctuates this time of night.
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