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  1. Hey CA3LE, thank you for all the information! I checked the cord that hooks into the cable modem. It looks good. Don't have a wall plate for that cord, it just comes up from the floor. The cable company ran another line to the cable modem back around the time we first got cable internet. Thankfully the cable company here is really, really good about not charging for service calls. Only time I have had them charge us was when we asked them to install a new amp for the line that goes to the TV's. I really appreciate you taking the time to put together all that information. I'll let you know
  2. Yeah I did think that was kind of strange. From the research I have done I think -8 to 8 is ok on the power levels. But for a while now its pretty much always -1 to 1 on all the channels. I hope the cable company can figure this out when they come out, but I get the feeling this is gonna be a pain to get fixed.
  3. I have been having a weird problem with my cable internet for over a month now. For some reason my internet connection will just stop working. The lights on the modem will all still look normal, but my internet connection completely stops. Rebooting the modem will fix it as soon as it reconnects. Nothing in particular seems to make it happen, sometimes I'm just browsing, sometimes it wont be working when I wake up in the morning. It used to happen about 2 or 3 times a week, but this week it has been about 3 to 4 times a day. Told the cable company but they wont be able to do anything till afte
  4. Ok good to know. Only other thing I'm worried about is the life of my SSD. I know a SSD can only do so many read and write cycles. About how long should it last me? Do I really need to worry about writing and deleting files to much?
  5. I just built my new system today. Had a question since this is my first computer with a SSD. I did a clean install of windows 8 pro. I was wondering do I need to change any settings since I'm using a SSD. I know you never defrag a SSD since it doesn't need it. Dose windows 8 turn this off by default? Also what is TRIM? I have heard the term before but don't really know what it is. Gotta say I'm amazed at the difference a SSD makes its like night and day. Thanks for the help.
  6. Actually yeah you are right. After some research it seems 2.0 supports 8GB/s and 3.0 supports 15.75GB/s. I wouldnt mind getting a 3.0 motherboard for a little bit more money, but there isn't a single AMD motherboard that I can find that supports 3.0. That's pretty weird of AMD to not support it I think. But I'm not sure how much if any at the moment of how much difference it makes in terms of framerate. Just glad to see it is backwards compatible. One more quick question instead of making another post. Right now I have a Corsair HX 750 Watt powersupply picked out. The build is going to have a
  7. That's what I was wondering. It seems kind of weird AMD wouldn't have a chipset that could support it. My guess is that its backwards compatible with 2.0 it just doesn't move data as fast as 3.0. But yeah it would be nice to know for sure. Edit: Just saw TriRan's post. Thank you for the info man. That is what I was thinking. Glad to know though. And yeah I would think that the difference from 2.0 to 3.0 wont really make a difference for a while.
  8. I'm building a new desktop computer. I wasn't sure about how PCI Express 3.0 works. Right now the video cards im going to use are 2 Radeon HD 6850's. But in the future I would like to get a 7850 or better. I noticed the 7000 series cards say PCI Express 3.0. Does that mean that they require a motherboard with PCI Express 3.0, or they just take advantage of 3.0 if you have it but work with 2.0? I'm doing a AMD CPU build and I can't even find a motherboard that says it supports 3.0. Was just wondering about this. Thanks guys.
  9. Well so far not much has happened. I wrote a heck of a post on their facebook wall about the whole deal. We had lightening take out our modem on Saturday night. A tech came out Monday afternoon and swapped the modem, but he left without testing our internet connection at all. So the modem he put in had a Ethernet port that didn't work. After I wrote a post on their facebook about the modem and the thing with the cable line not being grounded I got a phone call from the general manager this morning. First thing he did was apologize for the whole incident and immediately offered a month of free
  10. I really need some info if anyone can help. We had our modem, my computer, and a cable box plus the new tv that was hooked into it get fried by lightening saturday night. When we looked at the cable line the next day it turns out it was not grounded in anyway at all. We never work on anything to do with the cable outside of our house. The cable company are the only people who have run lines from the pole to our house. Is the cable company responsible for grounding the cable line? The cable guy came to the house while I was not there and only my mother was there. When he saw that the line was n
  11. Well I'm about to give up. Just had it happen again and had to reset the modem. I checked and it turns out that our home phone stops working as well when this happens so it must be something with the modem. Gonna ask for a different modem, and maybe cancel our home phone service so I can get just a regular DOCSIS 3.0 modem. Don't really see the need for a home phone anymore.
  12. Well I'm glad to say that this issue seems to be fixed. If anyone else see's this that has a similar issue with this modem I wish I could tell you what to do to fix it. But the cable company just came out to my house then went and did some work on the node in my neighborhood and now the issue has not happened in the last 8 days. I noticed a very big drop in the number of "errors" that occur on the columns "Correcteds" and "Uncorrectables" both are much lower then they used to be. Still using the same exact modem, so I guess it was something to do with the node I use in my neighborhood.
  13. Well just had this issue occur twice in the last 4 days. Sent a e-mail to the cable company asking them to call my cell to schedule a time for a tech to come out. I told them I would prefer to get a different model modem or a newer model because I have seen post's on other sites with users of this same modem having the same issue (Arris TM802G). Don't expect to see anyone till at least after christmas which is fine since this isn't that serious just annoying. Got my fingers crossed I will get a different model. One question though. I know you can buy your own cable modem and use it, but i
  14. Thanks for the help man. I e-mailed my cable company and they offered to come out to the house and check things out for free. But thankfully the issue hasn't occurred in about 6 days. It does seem to be better ever since the power levels improved. I'll try using PingPlotter if the problem happens again and try to trace to or ping that IP address and see what happens. I use OpenDNS, I'm not sure if that would help the problem or not.
  15. Thanks for the information guys. I have one more question. Figured I'll ask here instead of making another post. For the past week or so I keep having to reset my cable modem every 2 days or so. What happens is the cable modem just stops responding. All the lights are still how they should be but I cant go anywhere online. I know its not my router cause I tried hooking straight to the modem and the problem still happens, and to fix it I only have to reset the modem and not the router. When I check the cable modem log their is a entry that says "TLV-11 - unrecognized OID;CM-MAC=00:1d:cf:e3
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