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  1. I was testing from a 1gig Qwest fiber connection in a data center in Utah, and only got 17mbit/sec downloads off testmy.net The Qwest fiber link I was using to test with only 200mbit/sec usage at the time, and Qwest was deffinatly not over subsribed. I was mostly venting by posting in this forum, I have had customers complain about why they dont get good speeds to testmy.net. I looked at the leader board and saw very few people with speeds over 100mbit. Also testmy.net didnt list the traceroute with the speed tests of the leaders, or the IP address of the person doing the tests wich would be helpful. http speed test sites are quick, and nearly usless. iperf works the best if you have servers on both ends of the connections you are testing.
  2. testmy is missing a very critical tool for testing, reverse traceroute. If you had a way for us to test the path from testmy.net back to the ip of my home IP address it would be very helpful. Also if testmy.net had better bandwidth, that would be much more helpful. I am not impressed with the peering of theplanet/softlayer (testmy's bandwidth provider). They seem to have over subscribed bandwidth to some networks (qwest), and really good peering with cable companies. This confuses people that dont understand how the internet works. Notice how only comcast, and a few other cable companies have high speeds? its because softlayer is over subscribed on their level3, and qwest links. testmy get a geographically diverse site from a different bandwidth provider! What would be really cool would be if testmy offered something like iperf so we can run udp tests and verify softlayers bandwidth congestion. http://bgp.he.net/AS21844#_graph4
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