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    erinmacdonald reacted to CA3LE in ISP not stacking up? Just blame the speed test.   
    Hi Alex,
    Distance will not be an issue if your provider is delivering.  GB to NL isn't that far, if your provider and the people they peer with were delivering... you'd be able to easily pull your speeds at that distance.  I have connections that I pull hundreds of Mbps from at distances of thousands of miles.
    TestMy.net uncovers issues that other speed tests fail to detect.  It could be your TCP settings effecting performance.  It could be poor routing or it could be that your ISP is pulling a fast one.. shaping the way you can draw your bandwidth.  LOTS of people are contacting me telling me that this is happening to them. TMN is purposely designed to render as normal content would which makes it in tune with many issues that go undetected otherwise.
    Before you're so quick to judge you might want to read this post one of my members wrote, just last night.  https://testmy.net/ipb/topic/30731-multithread/?p=339762 -- He's an aerospace engineer with a lot of experience with bandwidth.  His independent findings as well as others backup my claims.  That's coming from someone who's pulling over 600 Mbps frequently using the same exact test you used... it's not my test, it's not my bandwidth.  Other speed tests are wrong more often than not.
    Believe the numbers you want to believe but before you rush to judgement you might want to put a meter on your line and compare.  TestMy.net is right on the money every time. Other tests myself and others compare to don't line up and obviously aren't taking the entire test into consideration.  They also often don't use enough test information to be accurate so results can be inflated from bursting.
    Another way you can achieve higher speeds is by multithreading.  If you go to https://testmy.net/mirror you'll see information on it and a link to toggle it on and off.  Currently however I haven't expanded this to my servers outside of the US.  The way it's setup now you'll be pulling resources from all my servers in the US at the same time.  By opening more threads you may be able to pull more speed, even given the distance.  The resulting score will represent your speed not just to one location... but across the entire US.  Multithreading is not my default option because enabling it can mask issues that only testing a single thread will pickup on.  Again, this is what makes my site different.  Other sites are simply trying to max out your connection.  There is more to it than that.  The truth is, if your connection is running correctly and your ISP isn't shaping your bandwidth... you should be able to max a single thread.   ... personally, I have the same issue on my home connection as you might.  I can't come close to my speeds in a single thread, multithread opens me up an extra 30Mbps. Using the multithread speed test on my connection more accurately depicts the capability but the question remains, why can I only do that when I open more threads?  If there was an issue with the test or servers myself (on other connections I have) and other users wouldn't be able to pull many 100's of Mbps.
    ISPs are starting to heavily shape the way you can draw your bandwidth.  Often limiting single thread transactions.  Other speed tests fail to pick up on this... maybe they design it that way on purpose because that's who the ISPs use.  ... Ookla brand speed tests in particular are BS.  They ignore part of the transfer and omit a portion of the data, the result is an inflated score. Read more - That information comes from their OWN admission printed in their own wiki.  Dude, you have to admit to me... if the results are adjusted, it nullifies the result.  You can't trust something that makes adjustments for a number that's variable.  ... Say that your connection dips for part of the test.  Chances are, it won't be accounted for in the final result.  You're testing to know that information and they're hiding it from you.  TMN accounts for EVERYTHING that happens during the test.
    If you look at the TiP details on my results you'll see how much simply looking at different parts of the data can effect the result.  Look at 'middle average', that's removing the first and last reading... Not only does ookla/speedtest.net ignore the start and finish, they remove the worst portion of your results before calculation. Flash speed tests have been proven inaccurate by MANY people much smarter than I am.  I've also been told that ISPs that opt in can actually make adjustments to how much of the results are dropped off.  HAHA, sounds like fraud to me.  Letting ISPs basically make their own results.  BAH!  How they sleep at night escapes me.
    Keep this in mind too... I was building my test nearly 10 years before ookla released their first test.  Believe who you want to... my program is just calling it how it sees it.  Other people in GB are able to pull well over 100 Mbps... even out to my US servers --- https://testmy.net/country/gb/max --- your connection just isn't delivering like you thought it was.  The truth hurts sometimes but when you searched for a speed test I don't think you were looking for someone to pull wool over your eyes... you were looking for a test.  If you don't believe my results, use the other guys test with results designed to make you feel warm and fuzzy inside.
    Thanks for visiting, I hope that I've helped shed some light and that you'll trust and continue to use my service.  If I opened your eyes to anything, please help me spread the word.  I'm trying my hardest to get this information to people but I'm only one person.
    - Cheers and Kind Regards,
    - Damon Mueller
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    erinmacdonald reacted to Luis Amaral in Action Explornet To Provide What We Pay For   
    I think there has to be a concerted effort for Xplornet users to reach the government to force them to do something about Xplornet.
    Xplornet is in a position of monopoly outside urban areas and that is why they are getting away with these practices.
    Why isnt the government not intervening? Perhaps we are not complaining to them.
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