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  1. Thanks for your response, Ok that is true, but why there are two speed history one is for my isp and the other one is mine. I can check that the speed history for ISP dorp up to 6MB (which I can supose that is his WB, since my my agreement is only for 3MB). Am I right? Regards,
  2. Hello guys, I have seen in the page a tab called "ISP speed test" where ISP in my case is Telecom SA. What this test is about? I mean, are you testing his speed too? is it possible? I ask this so in future the company may sue . Thanks in advance for your response Eterure Non- English speaking
  3. Does this site remains my test history saved in the data base? Hello guys, I want to know if the entire test history that it's being created by me is stored for unlimited time in this data base, same for my ISP's tests history?. Thanks and Regards Eteure Non- speaking English
  4. Hello Colleagues, I want to talk about Telecom Argentina. Actually I have purchase a pack telephone + internet for 3MB (300KB/s aprox) I pay like 30 dollars. Since a year a go my connection looks very slow. I always download files at speeds of 20KB/s, 17KBs, and 5 KB/s. When I call to complain they test my connection with a link (that obviously is directed ISP router connected) webpatron.telecom.com.ar and the result always drop 300KB/s. Thanks to you and this site I can check a sure of Telecom´s history bandwith connection, (Am I right about this?), Anyway I can see that the Telecom's results has an average of 700KB - 2MB. With this stats can I sue to Telecom? I hope you can help me to have the picture more clearly Thanks in advance
  5. Hello I have Telecom SA in Buenos Aires. I am paying 30 dollars for a 3MB (300KB/S aprox), but I never, never can see such speed, my download average in random sites is 20KB/s (sucks). When I call to complain the giveme a link that is directly connected to his router and obviusly the file downloaded run in 300KB/s. I want to sue Telecom. Is it possible to confirm thta Telecom makes some filter or tricks to decrease my bandwith? Thanks and Regards
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