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  1. Fantastic this will help a lot. I want the speed test to route over my Satellite provider and not my DSL. This will work great for me. I just need to build the routes and I am all set. Thanks again, Mark
  2. I have multiple service providers and want to setup my routing to route TestMy.net activity to go out on a specific port on the firewall. How can I find out the IP ranges used by testmy for the speed tests? Thanks, Mark
  3. Hi, I just registered with testmy.net so I can stay informed and keep up to date on my hobby and professional interest. Over the years I have experienced numerous internet connectivity challenges. We are out in the rural area of North Georgia with no access to cable and all but one DSL provider. We are subscribing to 2x 5Mbps DSL lines in hopes of getting a little "HA". Our phone company actually provides 10 Mbps are reasonable prices. However, we are so far from the POP that the fastest connection they could get was 5 Mbps. We backed the speed down to the 5 Mbps packages on two phone lines.
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