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  1. A television presenter on a new Dutch talk show plans to take heroin and other illegal drugs on air in a program intended to reach young audiences on topics that touch their lives, producers said Wednesday.


    The show, scheduled to premier on late-night television Oct. 10, is called "Spuiten & Slikken," or the "Shoot Up and Swallow" show.

    Even in the liberal Netherlands, where marijuana is sold and used openly, the proposed action by presenter Filemon Wesselink is illegal, and the idea was met with dismay by the governing center-right Christian Democrat party.

    "This is dangerous and it sets a bad example," party spokesman Pieter Heerma said. "We're going to ask the justice minister for his view on what the law says about this, and his view on the dangers and risks involved."

    Justice Ministry spokesman Ivo Hommes said it was not immediately clear whether Wesselink could be prosecuted. Possession of any amount of heroin is illegal, but in practice police usually do not have resources to chase after people with less than a half a gram of the highly addictive narcotic.

    "The actual taking of drugs is a health problem, not a criminal act, though it's obviously hard to take drugs without possessing them first," Hommes said. "In any case it's not something we endorse, and doing it on television is undesirable."

    The Shoot Up & Swallow show's main hostess will interview guests about drug use and abuse, while Wesselink and another presenter will carry out in-the-field experiments with sex and drugs.

    Wesselink, 26, plans to smoke a heroin pill, said Ingrid Timmer, a spokeswoman for the show's producer BNN.

    "It's not our intention to create an outcry. We just want to talk about subjects that are part of young people's lives," Timmer said.

    In other segments of the show, Wesselink plans to go on a drinking binge in a series of pubs. He also plans to take the hallucinogenic drug LSD

  2. well, like i said i was connected on a B laptop and their 3 years old but seriously, i think is houdl be able to pull more than that when our school has dual T3 lines, because the elementary and middle share 1 computer lab, the HS has 1 lab and a library but the library ones are so full of sh*t they dont even start. </rant>

  3. :::.. Download Stats ..:::

    Connection is:: 1582 Kbps about 1.6 Mbps (tested with 20972 kB)

    Download Speed is:: 193 kB/s

    Tested From:: https://testmy.net

    Test Time:: 

    Bottom Line:: 28X faster than 56K 1MB download in 5.31 sec

    Diagnosis: 90% + Okay : running at 100 % of your hosts average (bbsd.com)

    Validation Link:: https://testmy.net/stats/id-ZG4SPV98C

    Yea, for the connection speed we should have this is horrible. But this was tested from a 3 year old laptop on a Wireless-B link so.... eh

  4. its your NIC card, if you recieve that with wireless then there is something wrong with your NIC Card. Follow these steps on your wired computer.:

    Go to Start>Control Panel>Right Click on Local Area Connection>Properties

    On the properties menu you should see somehting that says something like Fast Ethernet Adapter or Ethernet Connector or something with a configure button beside it. Click the configure button. then go to Advaned on the menu that comes up and find Connection Type(maybe different on yours) but the drop down menu has options in it like 10Mbps(T) Half Duplex 100Mbps(Tx) Full Duplex wiht a few more. make sure that the setting in the box is 100Mbps(Tx) Full Duplex. Try that and see how it works for ya

  5. The maxing out the node, depends on the ISP(due to different tiers available). The current node capacity is 38/10. As to how many people are on each node, you really have to go Door-to-Door and ask if they have cable internet. If your ISP is comcast and everyone would have the standard tier it would take about 6 people downloading at full speed to max out the download and it would take about 30 people uploading at full speed to max out the upload. But if you have 20 people on your node downloading something, then you will see a drop due to over-crowding/lack of bandwidth.

  6. I use StyleXP and really only lost 10-15 seconds on boot time. Maybe less. And as for the customization of everything, i love it! All my friends when they see me turn my computer on and everything is Xbox 360'd they're like Woah! How'd you do that.  :haha:

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