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  1. Hey all. I just recieved an invitation to the National Youth Leadership Forum on Technology to be held in Silicon Valley next July. Now, I have never gone to something like this before so I need some input from you guys.

    What all happens here, although Im guessing it has to do with learning about technology and stuff, But am curious is anyone has any first hand experiance.

    Is it wortwhile? If I go, I don't want to be bored the entire time.

    Any help/input from you guys would be appreciated because to me, it looks pretty interesting and am thinking about attending.

  2. Holy hell in a handbasket, Crazy, dude, u dont talk to a mod like that. At all, seriously, show some respect. And you say your smart? That response looks like your an 11 year old kid trying to act big because someone insulted you. Those posts are: childish, stupid, inappropiate, unnecessary and make you look like an idiot.

    Oh and blunted, I'm a.. 27 or a 28 I think. Haven't checked in a while, my GT is Flubbed Llama.

  3. www.webmasters.com

    5GB of diskspace, can addon another 5GB

    150GB/Transfer a month/limited to 5GB/day

    Can host up to 21 domain names on the account.

    1000 Pop 3 email accounts

    1000 FTP Accounts

    300 SQL Databases

    All For.....


    But heres the kicker/re-kicker:

    You must pay annually @ 119.40 for the year


    There is no commitment!

    At anytime you can cancel and you will be refunded the money for the time not used, down to the day!

    And PM me your website if you could please, id like to check it out.

  4. being in a large city probably means that you wont see FiOS for a while due verizon having to wire Apartment Buildings and such, your best bet is a suburb. Just as a side note, a Chinese restaurant, that is about 10 or 12 minutes away(great sesame chicken) is now giving out Verizon FiOS boxes, so I am assuming my area should get it soon. I'll have to call and ask sometime.

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