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  1. Thanks! I know how their speed test doesn't correspond to my real world streaming needs for sure. I've told them that and they just don't have an answer. How my speed on TMN can drop so much in a matter of a few hours is hard to believe. Now it's below 2mbps as of last test and seconds later their test gives me 11.53mbps! Not to mention trying to stream a movie now is a useless undertaking even with their results showing plenty of speed to stream an HD movie.
  2. It's just before 11:00am here now and my TMN speed is now only about 4meg. Dropped on average about 8meg in 3 hours and it's not prime time now! I don't get it.
  3. I've been having terrible trouble trying to stream HD movies via Vudu in the evenings. It started probably first week of June. That is how I came across testmy.net. I have had my cable provider on the phone and out and talked to Vudu support for hours and hours. Testing yesterday morning here at 7:30am and this morning I get right up there close to my 15meg speed and Vudu's own speed test gets same results. Looking at my test results over days I see the good in the morning and at 5:30 in the evening as bad as below 2meg and unable to stream in HD without constant buffering.
  4. Nothing I do makes my testmy speed better with any of the new routers. I am connected with the newest Airport Extreme now. Have tried direct wired and on the 2.4GHz and the 5GHz wireless and all are the same. Using IP's test I'm of course showing right up to my 15gig plan speed. Somethings ginky. This is 4 different routers and same results.
  5. Switched to east cost and did 12Mb and got 1 mbps.
  6. Did it both ways. The router is right next to my PC anyway and my PC does have 5ghz wifi enabled but on each of the 3 new routers I tested wireless and hardwired (through router in to PC) and results the same. Since it's less than a foot away from the PC there is no more loss there.
  7. OK...everyone will think I am crazy but I have tried another dual band router. This one is a Belkin N750 DB. It's the same thing. Everything works well but testmy.net speed test are really low again. Does it take a while for settings to "settle in" and the modem and router to interact well? I just don't think 3 brand new routers would all be bad or configured wrong etc. This Belkin has a built in speed test and it shows really great. I'm perplexed. Not to mention flummoxed! All the new routers are actually rated "faster" than the D Link I have had for a year or so
  8. Thanks all. Yes, I am on the old again D Link and getting more my "normal" speeds here. The MTU was set at 1500 and he had me lower it a couple times but each time it didn't help or change anything. I was just wanting the 5ghz band to stream movies as my Blu Ray player supports it and suggests it. I have inssider installed on this computer and it's pretty crowded around here in the 2,4 band so I thought I would give it a try as my streaming of VUDU and Amazon HD movies has been pretty bad lately.
  9. I spent hours on the phone with Netgear support yesterday and went through all settings. He even had me re install the latest firmware even though I had done that myself. His last words were that was the last thing to try and to do it and call them back if I had anymore problems! So, I decided to just return it and I am getting a D Link Dual Band since I have had such good luck with my DIR-655 single band.
  10. I just got this dual band NG 4500 so I could use the 5g band for movie streaming. My old D Link single band 2.4 got my good speed results here. Usually close to my ISP speed of 15meg. As soon as I installed the new NG I only get about 2meg speeds on testmy.net To test it this morning I reconnected the older D Link DIR 655 and sure enough I was back up to around 12meg and up speeds. Re connected the 4500 and back down to 2 meg. This is using the 2.4 side of the 4500 as my PC doesn't support 5g although my blu ray player does. Everything about set up wiring and
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