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  1. Hope your installation went well? We have not seen any speed posts and you indicated that your install was on the 13th. One thing on talking about satellite internet. All of the information you got was good. Yes Direcway is just about the only major player in the field at this time. Wildblue has released in 'beta' and so far the resutls have very positive. The main difference between Direcway and Wildblue appears to be the latency. while it is true that you can expect over 1000 Ms response time with Direcway, Wildblue has been running around 550 Ms. This has the effect of improving the overall satisfaction of the system and points to the fact that a KA-band system DOES have its advantages over KU-band technology. The really positive thing I see with Wildblue coming out commerically in September is that it will force Direcway to start providing not only better service but faster service. At this point I understand Direcway will be releasing the next version of the DW6000, called the DW7000 and DW7700. Some overall improvements are being made to the 7000 to improve the equipment chip-set so that they can modify the system code and take advantage of tweaks (much like users of the 4000 system) Although Direcway is over a year away from Ka-Band satellite internet, the 7000 system will allow them to offer upto a 512 K upstream pipe. Will they? Only time will tell.
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