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  1. Thanks for your feedback. I took one of the affected computers from my home to my office where there is a dsl line. I had no trouble connecting to sites I previously was unable to load. I later took the computer home, re-hooked it up to Xplornet satellite and lo and behold, all the sites I was previously unable to load will now load. i have no idea why this has happened. Any thoughts?
  2. For quite some time I have been unable to load testmy.net using either IE9 or Chrome on a Windows 7 computer. The site just doesn't come in. There are no error messages. Now I am having the same issue with a Windows XP computer. My ISP is Xplornet (satellite). I have dial-up as a back-up and was able to reach this site through dial-up. On the Windows 7 computer, I have the same problem with a few other sites. Any ideas?
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