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  1. I have had the Exceed "new" satellite service since last August. I had so many problems with both speed and online and offline. ViaStat corp office got involved as I posted my issues on their Facebook and mine. I spent 3 months of my time testing the speed every few hours as requested by the services guys. They came out 6 times and each time they would replace a piece of equipment and say it is working fine now. On their laptops it worked great and on mine, it didn't. I have never had upload speed greater than 0.5kbps. When I test the speed there is a varition of 43% during a typical te
  2. From the very beginning I have had trouble with my speeds. But each time the technician they send out makes up some sort of excuse and blames it on everything but the work he did. Some of the customer service/tech people have been very nice, but each time they would write on the trouble ticket to replace everything, the tech would come out and do nothing but make excuses.......saying it works fine on his PC just not on mine. Whether my laptop has as much memory as his or not, would not change the speed test. For the last week, I have had nothing but problems, but there is no point in ca
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