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  1. Router or software firewall might be blocking alternate port you are using. Can you see the port open on a internet port scan? Have you made an exception for the port in windows firewall? Is your router configured to forward that traffic on 8080 to your internal ip?
  2. I am unsure why you are using 80 for ftp as the normal port is 21. 80 is http port. Are you serving a website? I think it would help if you explained what exactly is suppose to happen and gave an example. General method: Redirect 80 from a no-ip or dyndns to a 8080 port on the server side.
  3. I guess for some reason even tho this Surfboard 5120 Ca3le gave me a while back is suppose to support Docsis 2.0 it wouldn't let me get over 1.5 mb now I got a new Linksys cm100 that defaults to 2.0 its faster than ever. Anyone else notice this bull crap. Anyone happen to know when Docsis 3.0 comes out? or When cox will boost up the signal to what it will be int he future. (I was told by a tech that installed my new hardware at the curb that the system was not working at max speed yet)
  4. thanks to all the rest that posted as well I did have a nice birthday... I always drink alot... I am a veteran at 26 tho
  5. Well I Run Professional and have Virtual PC so I get the pleasure of installing whatever I want so my money is on Ubuntu and possible OS X Leopard when I finally figure out how to run it on my IBM machine since its suppose to be designed for x86 processors. As for Vista I hope this Millennium(Vista) Phase goes quickly.... 98(tank) 98se(good) ME(tank) XP(good) Vista(tank) Windows 7 Code Name: Blackcomb?????? hopefully good I guess
  6. hey that sites looks familur. Tommie if only you had it on cam I would post it up
  7. This topic has been moved to Graphics and Sigs. [iurl]https://testmy.net/forum/index.php?topic=5494.0[/iurl]
  8. unless your ram is defective its not your ram... most likly cause would be overheating or bad hardware... or chip creep but that usually doesn't fix it self in most cases. Do you leave your computer on all the time?
  9. its a reseller and they don't know their ropes yet... if you tried to use up bandwidth they would be like"WAHH!" after 10 gig a
  10. Please do not advertise his site anymore... I am sure if I went on there and posted testmy.net links all over the place he would do the same... Its a universal rule... no advertising...
  11. why you gotta be flexxin my style dawg!?
  12. Why do you work for the evil. I worked at wal-mart for 6 months, I was a truck unloader then I went to light duty then I was ICS then I was in TLE LOL
  13. I didn't want to hug you anyways
  14. its pretty good right now... I can make what most people make in a week in a day... but its not solid yet
  15. why does nobody want to hug me?
  16. I will start... I am a webdesigner. Mostly porn sites but yah...
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