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  1. Sweet, all is well again, thanks for the quick fix.
  2. @CA3LE In general someone signs up for service and they *should* be told there is a 2 year service agreement with a $400 ETF that slowly goes down in costs. If the new customer provides an email, and the CS agent types it in correctly, the new customer will be sent a "Greetings" email, that explains the first X days they get a data reset daily, and that they are not yet subject to a contract, but upon activation they will be. When a new terminal is installed, before it can leave the walled-garden state a customer must type out their name on a page that displays the contractual terms and co
  3. It seems something may have happened between the last time I checked the Average tool out and somewhat recently. I use the embedded iframe feature offered to display three sets of data, each set is for a specific Hughesnet terminal to help show how the different systems work at various times of day. When I first used the average tool to display the data on my site everything went great, all three sets showed up separately. The other day when I checked my site, none of the iframes would load the graphs, so I figured something may have changed, and it appears it has. I grabbed the HTML for
  4. There are a multitude of factors that can cause slow speeds on satellite internet... Data allowance still in good standing? Is it peak hours? What about gateway congestion? A single gateway can be in peak demand for 12 hours or more through out the day as it serves several regions other than yours. Have you checked local equipment? Did the latest TV show that everyone has to stream air recently? Latency certainly doesn't help the feel. Looking at your test results, you only have one test... Much more information and data is needed.
  5. I am rather enjoying (more like love) the "Dark Mode" but think that the "Light Mode" should be default... Not everyone likes their first time at a website being all dark and gloomy. My reason for dark mode? When I have several computers all on and connected each doing tests through different outgoing gateways on the automated test... I tend to sit down and watch a movie, and white light can get annoying, but a darker screen makes it easy to keep an eye on those tests and enjoy my tv.
  6. Zanild, there is no way to actually get out of contract unless you are in one of the more problematic beams on ES-19... However, this is only the case if you have been working with corporate for some time and can't get repointed to ES-17 where service may be better. Satellite Internet is a last ditch effort to get internet... Always go with land based options first. BTW, TMN has been borked with Hughesnet, most the results lately have been HORRIBLY inaccurate. I suggest opening a complaint on the Hughesnet Community for assistance from Corporate Reps and other Hughesnet users.
  7. Curious, heard from a few people trying to sign up for an account to do speed testing that they aren't getting confirmation emails? Is the email system down or? I suspect it's related to last night.
  8. Noticed the website was having issues earlier, however, once things started going back to normal I noticed some iframe links that I use are still broken for my test results. I then noticed that the website is no longer in SSL and my iframes point to the HTTPS version of the site. I figure, "well, lets see if the iframe code changed any" and it did, none of the links are secure in the code when viewing results... Will this be fixed or? EDIT: Guess I jumped the gun! Soo many websites have had strange issues tonight. Looks like HTTPS is working once again. Thanks to the staff working o
  9. Yeah, see, that makes no sense, as that's polarity, it will NOT work that way, have tested it my self plenty of times, as has others. BTW, the SCC, and Wifi Settings page are local to you, they are not the same pages remote agents use. Depending on the agent tier, they get different options entirely on the modems. @DKElsey Go to OR http://systemcontrolcenter.com in your browser, it's no big secret and commonly mentioned on the Hughesnet community.
  10. I can confirm, disabling both does work, so it seems it's picking the wrong IPv6 address? However, what @CA3LE showed earlier (in regards to the IPv4 address...) also makes things seem wrong as far as how testmy is detecting addresses... So it seems both IPv4, and IPv6 isn't being detected properly in various scenarios with Hughesnet. When I do a check at other websites, WAS ON, I see a Hughesnet IP... with WAS OFF, I see yet another Hughesnet IP, not a 255 private/multicast address. Testmy.net thinks I am at right now (WAS ON), but, every other website says I am at 97.73
  11. This issue seems to still be persisting... Any updates on this? Was there any changes to how the website detects an ISP around the time this started happening?
  12. For the past 15 years I have always used an air compressor... 60 gallons @ 175PSI set to 80 on the hose, never once has static been an issue. I also don't bother with a dryer on the line, and yeah, I see moisture come out on short bursts, never once has it been an issue for me though I don't have droplets of water come out either. You are more liable to see static issues on plastic hose attachments with a vacuum cleaner and the attachment being that close to the machine for it to suck any decent amounts of dust away. Chances of static jumping from the air in a compressor hose to your machin
  13. After talking to a few people.... 1: It's most likely a testmy.net issue when reading the data in the packets. 2: If Hughesnet was showing a multicast address we wouldn't be able to perform the test as multicast traffic is dropped and kept local on a network typically. 3: Hughesnet does inject other stuff into our data packets, it's possible a change they made may be impacting people differently, such as how I can get it to show Hughes, yet Gabe can't... 4: All proxies typically inject extra data into a packet, that's normal behavior. 5: All other websites that check and report our
  14. 250.x.x.x isn't a multicast nor private address space AFAIK....
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