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  1. Happy New Year May this one be merry and bright. Martin, Georgia
  2. Haven't used a trackman trackball mouse but they do look like they would be accurate and very fast tracking. And so games would be a lot better with them.
  3. Oh I forgot to post a link for the DVD RW drive you have. http://us.liteonit.com/us/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=159&Itemid=67
  4. Thank You shug I have been a lurker here on these forums for a long time, just haven't really posted much. If that is a Lite on SHW-160P6S then yes it will burn Dual Layer media. I agree with shug that DL media is much too expensive right for the home user to use it. Single layer media is so much cheaper compare 15 DVD+RW single layer media for 12 bucks to 3 DVD+R Dual Layer media for 10 bucks. It is a big difference.
  5. I recently bought a Laser wireless mouse from Micro Innovations to replace a wireless optical mouse from Microsoft and I have to say that it beats the hell out of my old optical mouse. It is so very precise and the movement is very rapid, it has excellent response. Course I bought a Laser mouse mat to use it on too, which I am sure helps a lot. But, no matter how long they claim the batteries will last they never last near as long. So, I use rechargabloe batteries in mine. Speaking of which Ray-O-Vac has the new hybrid batteries that are supposed to last even longer when charged than regular rechargables. I haven't tried them, I will in the future.
  6. No not all dvd burners will record to dual layer it must be a dual layer burner to do. Stand alone dvd recorders can not record to Dual Layer either, must use single layer media(4.7 gig). You can look in the properties of you dvd burner drive to find the model number and check on google to see if it supports burning to Dual Layer.
  7. Well, when your CPU lags like that look at the task manager and watch to see which processes are in use. hopefully that will help narrow it down. But, System idle should always be high, it is is the system idle task: it measures how much idle capacity the CPU has at any given time. The process runs in the background and constantly monitors processing bandwidth, occupied memory and the Windows virtual paging file. from wikipedia. it is possible that the drivers are conflicting with other processes that you have running as well. You may have to go to Control Panel and remove any software that your old video card had installed, it is possible that the computer is confused on which video adapter should be in use.
  8. Look at this video that will show you how to drag and drop music files you have to drag and drop to the music folder on the sandisk c200 player. http://www.sandisk.com/Retail/Default.aspx?CatID=1468
  9. Actually it is normal for your System Idle Process to be consistently around 85-95%, that means the CPU is waiting for something to do. It is when that number is lower is when your system is bogging down. So, if your System Idle Process is in the high 80's to 90's that is a good thing. Is your new video card working at all or does it give you an error in device manager. If it shoulds that all is well in Device manager and you don't experience any lag or stutter in the video I would leave the Drivers alone.
  10. majicaldreemer want to buy a dw6000 modem with 1 meter dish? getting off dway hughesnet. looking to sell the dish possibly make me an offer. I am in georgia. let me know
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