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  1. Couple weeks ago I was able to select sending my speed graph as a link, cut n paste in email. Now I can't find that handy gizmo. Can someone point me to it? Tnx Art EDIT: I found it. For some unknown reason the laptop I was using didn't show the buttons just under the graph.
  2. I changed my testing to download only. The balloons on just download portion of the graph still don't show the date of each test point. However my graphs were up and download til I changed today. The graphic seems to be just continuing on with that older data but now just shows download. Do I need to clear out all the old stuff, reset the graph? Tnx, BR Art
  3. There we go! I had not used the separate up and down tests. I'll switch to download only. Thanks! BR Art
  4. Hello Been using testmy.net for years. The new-to-me graphic interface and long term test now available are really slick! I'm a desktop/laptop user. My backbone provider seems to be having some issues, ups and downs with the data rate making larger files, video, netflix and the like difficult to use. I'm an investor in my ISP who uses the backbone, helping out the techs. On the graphic results page I didn't see a way to get the date and time shown in the balloons that pop up on the graph. I see they are listed in the chart below the graph. It would add to the "slickness" of this great feature if date and time of the speed test were shown in the balloon. Regards Art
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