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  1. Hi php! Oh, I've tried at least 12 different drives, new ones, old ones. All sorts of cables new and old, plugged in every which way but vertical I found an exact duplicate mobo from Interloper and figured that would fix it, not. I also have the very latest bios version available for the machine. There is not one thing in there now that was in there when I orginally bought it new, except for the psu. That's why I bought new one today to try which is about as far a stretch as you can get . There has to be an explanation. I've got to get it to boot or I cannot properly install an OS in the c
  2. Me again. For grins a giggles, I just bought a brand new extact match psu out of CA, retail!! what the hay, it's the ONLY thing that I haven't replaced Seeyabye,cheers
  3. Hey all, long time no yak I have a good one here. very brief for now, have to go to work I am trying to get my very first puter to work and I cannot get the floppy to work at all I have replaced EVERYTHING except the power supply during this entire process. The drive is getting 12 and 5v , it does run when you put in one of those disk cleaner gizmos that spin? It is an AT setup. Could there be a connection in the power supply to motherboard that could be bad? Device mgr says it's OK, my computer shows it, but can't open, says "A is not accessible", fdc controller is enabled in the bios, tr
  4. Sorry guys. I just read my entry from Sat and it doesn't make too much to me either I was REALLY tired. Anyhow, I was running a repair on XP and missed the F6 key during the beginning of the process of the repair. I installed a new mobo so I had to run the repair. The F6 key is what you hit so that the install allows you to put in the floppy disc at a certain time to install the third party sata drivers during the repair. I missed the F6 and continued with the repair anyhow. I have only two sata drives, one Plextor burner and my HD. Now during post these drives are listed as being IDE's and
  5. Well, one of the drives is my main hd and the other is my plextor burner. My sata drivers are on a floppy that came with my mobo that make the sata stuff work. This has happened before but I can't remember what I did to fix it. I don't know if I can just unpug my hd and plug it back in.
  6. I'M BACK!! Hey troops!! How's things? Got a slight problem going here. I put a new mobo in today and missed the "F6" button during re-install, repair of XP for my Sata drivers and now the system is not recognizing my two drives as being Sata drives, duh. And now I have the ever-present icon in my task tray "safely remove hardware" They are listed during post as being third and fourth IDE's. My question is, can I install these drivers WITHOUT running another repair? PS. I'm getting tired of talking to a machine and reading 54 numbers to it and THEN getting a real live person :haha:
  7. rikkkki


    Well I guess it's learning time again. Sticky this thread? Somehow draw other people to it? Just a guess. I like it anyhow.It has been alot of work but I wouldn't have been able to go this far without cak46 and his desire to not let a machine beat us out. Ya know, I'm not really excited about having done this, cause the old one is right here on the same disc! I mean, "great, I have an OS that works good", but nothing has changed with the old one. The problem still lurks. I suppose that if someone came up with an idea from time to time, that I could boot into the other OS to try out the suggest
  8. rikkkki


    Thank you php. I almost feel like I've let the viewers down. I know this can't go on forever, but at the same there may have been some people out there that were depending on a "fix find". If any of these people DO find something (fix) out there, then maybe they could post. It was tough though, not being a vurus. Again thank you for the kudos. Maybe this won't be in vain?
  9. rikkkki


    hottiecakes. You might take a look in your event viewer and check what sort of errors you are getting around the time that this happens. Look in your your event viewer/ "system" first, and then you can check your "security", and then "application" logs. Right click on "my comptuer" click "manage" then double click on "event viewer" and your'e there. good luck.
  10. rikkkki


    Welcome aboard Hottiecakes. I'll post my error message so you can compare. I got the 60 sec "doom" only once at the very beginning of all this mess, two months ago!! If I click on it right after it comes up, it will reboot. If you leave it alone for awhile, then you can delete it and your'e OK. If your'e getting the same error I am WITH the 60 sec "doom", that sounds like a virus, which I don't seem to have. I do beleive that the LSA shell is Local Security Autority and that is part of the Lsass.exe. It is in your Windows/system 32 folder. The best thing for you to do, although painful, is to
  11. rikkkki


    Well, I'm back. I've been fighting this installer thing. I'm following what MS is saying and some of the cmd prompts are not working on my system. Something else is going on, I think. I tried to re-register Windows Update Components and the "Regsvr32 wuapi.dll" wouldn't work. I couldn't re-configure the proxy settings, either. So the ball is back in their court now. Nighty nite for me and I'm sure by now your'e sawing logs, large Pine ones at that :haha: Catch ya later on the flip-flop Cheers
  12. rikkkki


    Hi cak46. Well, that didn't do it. :cry: We're working longer hours now so it will be a little later before I start posting. A fourth hull is coming over from Westport as we speak, for us to build. That's makes four in our building !! It's about an hour and a half trip"across the pond". We need more people!!! Know anybody with boat building experience that wants to live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest? Many postions are open. Lot's of pine trees, too :haha:
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