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  1. I was issued a credit for $600. They kept the $30 SC sales tax. I threatened them and they also (after two months) returned my $100 first month service fee and the $5 SC tax when I said I'd already reported them to the SC Dept of Revenue. They kept $400 as an 'installation fee' even though their crap never worked as advertised and promised by their sales staff. They do not make it clear that if things don't work right off, you will NOT get all of your money back and it is a LOT if you get the business plans. I now have a T1 for service until broadband shows up next year.
  2. See my post yesterday subject 'Tale of Woe'. But yes, they 'bought back' the modem and transceiver for $600 (so they could keep the $30 in tax) and stuck me for $400 in installation and a month's service in advance $100 (plus $5 in tax) which I'm still trying to get back. Incredible ripoff. Fraudulent business practices. Shame.
  3. I'm moving into a neighborhood that has no broadband cable yet so I contacted Dway and had two fairly long converstations with their Sales people who convinced me to go with the Small Business package as it supports Vonage which I need for personal and business phone as I work from my house. OK $1000 up front and $100 per month. The installer shows up and first thing he sticks out his hand for a check for $120 because he's installing a .8m dish on a pole and has to ground it. 10pm and he's finally finished and the modem is registered and working. Spent most of the next day checking out the system. Web browsing was barely above dial-up speed - pitiful for a Small Business System that they claim would support 3 users. Next was Vonage - 4 or 5 attempts just to get it to dial then once I got through the other end would hear whatever I said 15 seconds later - needless to say everyone hangs up because your 'hello' hasn't arrived yet. Next was my business VOIP phone (same protocols as Vonage) and it didn't work at all. I called and cancelled the service and asked for a refund. Now the real fun starts. $400 of the initial $1000 goes to a local installer and you don't get that back even if they sold you a system that doesn't perform as they claimed it would. Then they 'buy back' the modem and transponder for $600 but keep the $30 SC sales tax because it 'wasn't returned for a refund'. I have reported them to the SC Dept of Revenue for this. Now I still have a $100 charge plus $5 tax on my credit card for a month's service billed in advance that they are giving me the runaround on. Every time I call this company I end up talking to 3 or 4 different people, sometimes transferred back to the department I was talking to previously. Whenever I challenge them on a policy the just hang up on me. They don't let me talk to anyone higher up that is an actual decision maker, I'm always stuck at the bottom and I'm read the company policies that can't be changed. This is not only the worst case of misrepresentation I've ever had to deal with, but it is the worst company I've ever had to deal with regarding refunds - once they get your money you can forget getting most of it back. I find their policies and procedures fraudulent if not at least highly suspicious. This is a warning to anyone considering a dish and service with this outfit. You will need a lawyer to read and interpret their user agreement - even their sales people don't understand it. They bury little bits in there to cover their behind when things go terribly wrong and you come after them for your money back. I intend to report these events to the Better Business Bureau and the State Attorney's office. This company doesn't deserve my business - they are rude, could care less about the customer, and misrepresent their services. Sadly, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED...
  4. Not only did they tax me SC 5% on equipment and a month's service in advance, when I returned the equipment they refused to refund the tax saying they were 'buying back' the equipment and didn't have to return the tax. I have reported them to the SC Dept of Revenue because I'll bet they are claiming the equipment is returned on their state sales tax return to get the credit and keeping it in their pocket. See my post 5/31 Tale of Woe for the whole story.
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