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  1. NOW SEE PEOPLE THIS IS THE KINDA PERSON U ALL NEED TO LEARN TO ACT LIKE.. hes being nice and kind unlike u other people
  2. Ahh so im the stupid one here.. true enough ive been in 8 nuthouses my most recent http://yfcs.com/facilities/millcreek_ms/index.html BUT that last one i was in was like 4 years ago.. when i was 14 i then completed school and i have one more semester before i graduate with a masters in computer engineering so when u can call me the stupid one is when u have ur degree or are working for it.. and more on the matter that ive been to these places.. there not for cuz i was stupid or dumb or crazy.. it was because i acted a fool in school.
  3. lol just read what i replied to on to that thread... im not here to help people vanburen and others are lol
  4. and this is the third name ive made i just keep coming back on proxys to prove my point and i will all day
  5. now maybe we can talk.. what is his problem? he changes my topic to make me look like an ass? then bans me? now im thru with the cussing now im just trying to talk about it . He has around 130 posts? again whys he an admin because hes cables friend maybe?.. Meh But seriously if he gets admin status at that early posting i still want netmasta to have mod status if someone could enlighten me to as why hes like this.. and no just dont say cuz hes an admin he can do that and hes hardly ever on here.. why does he have admin status again?!?! but the 2 times ive ran in with him hes threatened me and the second time ha benned me and changed my topic.. looks as though were both at fault here
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