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  1. @stevethemanc , Maybe run a few tests, and as well post how much you are paying for the service
  2. Hey folks.

    Well they likely would not mention it, considering for the most part, anyone seeking true GB throughput would previously posses late model hardware. Please don't take that the wrong way, in any sense, however those speeds are nothing to joke about, it's the real deal, and required a rather healthy system from point to point to take advantage of, for the most part. I might try getting a live CD of a linux distrobution running, such as Solus Grab Rufus to burn the ISO to 'USB stick' , the image can be downloaded at Solus download ( budgie will be suffice and you'll like it I think) Test with that live distro running, to gather more data right? If you need any at all assistance doing this, just post it!
  3. Hey folks.

    @Altered , The Acer 5750z machine contains Serial-ATA-300, where max throughput is ~300MBs therefore the HDD could be one of the bottlenecks
  4. Help

    What did you see when attempting to take a multi threaded test ? Any browser error or blank page or what have you ?
  5. Help

    @mechati , have you run the multi threaded tests yet? The setting is in the top right of the header, or located at https://testmy.net/multithread Run some tests and compare the differences between single and multi, for more information.
  6. Chob

    Welcome to TestMy.Net @yahean
  7. Don't know if this is even good

    Interesting though, looking at the Aussie Internet Provider I have not found a plan which allows 150Mbps Down let alone up, they show ADSL+ @ 20Mbps , of course such speeds are recorded since the first of 2018, with a max upload of ~32.59Mbps , which could have been cached , considering the download of that CID was 66.66Mbps: https://testmy.net/host-history/westvic_broadband_pt
  8. Is my router the cause of my really slow internet

    @ShirleyA , I suggest running a few short tests here over several hours and days for a bit more information to go on.
  9. fsck = F-Suck

    That moment when you can breath, between the KVM cutting out fsck letting you know your fkd, then finally this:
  10. fsck = F-Suck

    No, your correct this is not looking good........ at all for this disk
  11. fsck = F-Suck

    Running fsck is always a sooper blast, so while I'm waiting ......................... How do you say fsck, as in explaining it to someone what you are doing. Myself, fsuck
  12. Trying to show off my speed

    I'm all for secure transmission of data, and the EFF appears to be on the right side of a lot, even offering free certs. But this 'thing' they are doing with browser extensions. Not so sure about all that. Chuck the addon to the bin and see what happens.
  13. testmy.net perfection

    I was going to write that in the original but couldn't prove it, but yea!
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