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  1. Installed last Friday.  Took Verizon a little bit longer to assign an install date because there was a bug in their billing system which did not allow them to setup a date since I don't have Verizon for local/long distance phone (they have a workaround for now).  In any case, the install was entirely painfree and my network topology didn't change at all.  Did plug in the DI-604 for about 10 minutes to "setup" the WAN.  Verizon is still using PPPoE in MA, but you enter any userid/password and it'll connect.  After that I plugged the Cat5 into my Linux Firewall/Router/Server and my LAN was back up and running.  Speed is pretty amazing.  I'm coming from 384K SDSL, so I'm over 10 times faster now!

    Lucky S.O...... HAHA

    no but  seriously nice going, I wish they would get that down here in GA. where I live.

    really need something better than mediacom (aka = mediacrap) for high speed around here.

  2. I wish some one could email me to tell me why Ive been banned from this forum....

    All i sent was a PM to user PhP stating that testmy.net gave false test results.

    I live in Sweden and have broad band via bredbandsbolaget they claim to provide 10Mb/s upload and download connection.

    So when i came on this site and tested my speed i was upset to get a result that i was only operating at

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