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  1. yepey!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANKS TO U ALL! GOT IT BURNED already.... thanks. esp. to PITBULL & HURRICANE_FLOYD!
  2. but i already shrinked it..using dvd shrink 3.2... when i go the folder and rightclicked to properties..it says 3.8gig,,,but when iburned it ..thats the message i got.
  3. still has an error..even im using his own free software...i just directly browse the shrinked file... ang this is what i get..after i click the burn button
  4. i got a software...but i think it doesnt shrink the dvd' movies..thats why i downloded,what pitbull did.
  5. i have a dvd burner..ITS (LG gsa-4163b) its adual layer type.
  6. there are only 3 to choose... its: IMAGE RECORDER (DVD) - IMAGE RECORDER CDR/RW - LITE ON CDR/RW(my old cd writer)...... still the same... i took shots so u can see,what i mean these are the 3 to choose these the message i get with nero,after i click the burn icon
  7. yup i tried it..flip'n the scroll box and i choose image recorder {dvd} and click DVD VIDEO FILES.,and then i browse the shrimked dvd movies..then click ok... then next... when i click the "burn" icon... something pop-ups... before it can burn "save image file" ....then when i click ok..it will burn... and nothing happens aftter a few minutes. when i check the disc.. it has already burned something with a WINAMP icon..when i click the properties its audio...and nothing is there...
  8. when i try to burn the shrinked dvd, something pop-ups on my nero : SAVE AS IMAGE .nrg?? before i can burn it..what will ido?
  9. ok.. ill try it in an hour..coz im going out to buy some blank dvd r's ...thanks alot
  10. this is my first post... i followed #2..after it was shrink the were 2 folder..(containing .vob) will i just directly burn it to nero?the 2 folders? i seldom be in the internet... kindly email me some info...(pitbull481) [email protected]
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