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  1. hi have adelphia in jupiter florida....they told me of a cheaper service at $24.95 instead of 42.95 with my own modem...these cable providders are playing games....my last speed test said I was getting 1 X dialup....what they did was turn down the bandwidth(probably to get us to get the $42.95....service.....cable repair guy was here got well over 2300 kbps but I get 5x dialup or 9.85% of adelphia average.... Is there another reasonable broadband service I could switch to in jupiter florida? they actually told me that I was lowest decibel output in my area I went out hooked up a Motorolla sb5100...got 5 x dialup...then tech at adelphia turned up the bandwidth and both modems got 90% of adelphia average around 2300 kbps If you pay 58% of the regular service ....shouldn't you get 58% of 2200 kbps? those clowns at adelphia never told me it would be this slow
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