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  1. One thing you have to remember about speed tests from an internet site is..... You cannot rely on them to be perfect everytime. The test may run just fine but the road to it may get congested on the way. Also the site may be taxed bigtime. 95% is pretty damn good.. Be happy your not getting 500-600 at times..
  2. have you tried connecting directly to the modem and then testing your speeds?? I have seen many a routers go bad and wouldnt be suprized if yours isnt allow the throughput.. Just a thought..
  3. Nah not hostile.. hostile would have a bit more color to it.. Are you subcribing to the 4/384 or the 6/768?? Levels are fine What state do you live in?? Upload is looking good.. What OS are you running? What did the tech say had to be done to fix your problems??
  4. First off.. you are NOT promised to be full throttle to every server in the world.. Please don't tell us you have a 64mg vid card running BF2.. Do you religiously clean up your machine of all the spyware?
  5. Sounds to me like most of you have had some serious issues with Comcast.. I have NEVER had a problem that I didnt find out about by calling in.. An outage.. Its going to happen. Cant control the weather and other things that cause problems for cable phone and eletric. Other then one outage I have never had a problem...
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