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  1. I wouldn't laugh too loud about it, since what you're describing isn't possible. DSL isn't like cable where you can tweak the modem or something. They provision your line at a certain speed and that is all the speed there is to get, tweaks or not. Now, maybe they screwed up and your line is provisioned at 3meg, that's always possible. But if it's provisioned for 1.5megs, there is absolutely no way you can get 3meg.
  2. Yeah, sure you have. And that's the first faked speed test anybody ever saw, too.
  3. There is nothing wrong with the model of modem you have, the 2200 will support Xtreme just fine. It's possible that your particular modem could be bad, or you may have some kind of trouble on your line keeping you from reaching 3.0 though. Check this link out: http://www.dslreports.com/faq/bellsouth/9.0+Troubleshooting#4787 If you can pull your line stats from the NID, and post them here, it will tell us if there is some type of physical problem or if something else is causing your slow speeds. Oh, one more thought. Have you tested your speeds at speed.fastaccess.com? If so are they the same there?
  4. Johnny, the BellSouth site "Speed Optimizer" tool is really no good. I suggest you go to this link: http://www.dslreports.com/faq/bellsouth/5.0+Connection+and+Tweaking#10471 and follow the simple instructions exactly. It will tell you how to change your MTU and RWIN and give you the best numbers to set them to. Good luck, RJ
  5. Did you read the second post in this thread? The OP is getting two different speed results based on whether he's using AOL or IE with the SAME DSL LINE. There is no speed difference, he is seeing that because AOL is measuring speed incorrectly, it's measuring the speed of his browser cache, not his actual line speed. HE IS ON THE SAME LINE BOTH TIMES. There IS no difference. Sheesh. RJ
  6. Ok, so help me out. Dlewis said "Hah, that just shows how far behind BellSouth is". My question to you, sir, is, WHAT exactly shows how far behind BellSouth is? Please base your answer on the first posts in this thread, which is what Dlewis was replying to. Thanks, RJ
  7. You must be a mind reader then because his comment made no sense.
  8. Then maybe you should tweak something.. Go here first and check your speed http://speed.fastaccess.com/ Then below your results look for a link for the speed optimization tool, try that.
  9. Wait and see, you may be surprised.
  10. LOL...I give up. I promise, post anything you want and I won't bother correcting it any more. It does no good anyway. RJ
  11. I vote for sometime in the 4th quarter of 2005, like they already said.
  12. Why should I believe something that I already know is wrong? I have lots of faith, but when I know something is wrong I point it out. Maybe people should wait for an actual, official announcement from BellSouth and stop jumping up and down every time somebody, *anybody*, posts a date or a speed or a price or anything else. When it's official, they'll make a public announcement. Until they make a public announcement, it isn't official and anything you see is a rumor and may or may not be right.
  13. I'll take that as a "no" to my question, nothing official yet just more rumors.
  14. So you've seen an official BellSouth announcement about the date?
  15. Overhead with a PPPoE connection is well over 7%.
  16. That's about right for their 1.5 Ultra service, you might be able to see as high as 1250 or so, but over 1200 is perfectly normal.
  17. Oh, I believe that part too.
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