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Found 3 results

  1. When you come back to your computer is the window blank or does it still show TestMy.net? What browser are you using? - Damon It re-tests for me every time... in any browser. The browser command that's being executed is one of the most basic, failsafe methods. I haven't ever seen it fail. Maybe you have a browser add-on, internet security software or changed a setting that would disallow this method. I can see how some internet security programs might think that's malicious... but obviously in this case you want it to refresh the content. Try disabling any software that yo
  2. Hello Dr. Soubhi, Go to https://testmy.net/auto, select download and a 1 hour interval. Run that a couple of time and then pull your results and you should be able to get the answer you seek from the data provided. If you use Firefox or Chrome you'll also be shown charts. You can then export the data and manipulate it on your local machine if you'd like. I'm working on better host detection. In the near future your ISP should be detected properly, unfortunately for now you'll be lumped into "Unknown". Please bere with me, I'm a one man operation. (This has been updated since this
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