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Found 1 result

  1. One issue I'm noticing now and again particularly with mobile broadband providers is that some treat http and https traffic differently. A good example I posted a while back is where the 3 Ireland mobile provider was providing considerably quicker throughput with https traffic than http traffic. Before my recent trip to California, I bought a 3UK 1GB prepay SIM so I could use data on my phone during my trip as it does not have roaming charges in the USA. While this worked for most of my trip, I noticed some websites were incredibly slow to load. When I was back in Ireland, I did some further tests with that SIM with the remaining data credit and sure enough it was a similar issue here also and found that any website using https including Three's own website took a very long time to load. When I tried YouTube (which uses https), it would play a grainy picture for a few seconds, then buffer for a while and repeat. Yet when I ran a speed test, I kept getting 6Mbps to 10Mbps with TestMy, which is carried out over http. Other streaming services were practically unusable and even a 128kbps streaming radio station could not play without endlessly rebuffering. So while it's pretty clear Three UK throttles pretty much everything besides plain http traffic when roaming on a 3 like home network, I would be curious to actually run a speed test on a https connection just to see what limited bandwidth they are throttling down to. I could not find any other site that performs such tests, yet it seems to be a pretty common search going by Google's autocomplete: So I assume there must be some interest in such a test.
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