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Found 2 results

  1. Ubuntu 20.04 Gnome 3.36.8 I've been using a Matias FK302 since release, roughly ten years now, nearly flawless outside of the occasional bounce. Naturally as time goes on this got worse to the point i knew a cleaning / replacement was necessary. So I started the process with keycap soup: Then began opening the switches, they are simplified APLS SKBM clones with Matias tweaks. I've successfully cleaned these switches in the past so I knew what to expect, none the less I "successfully" bent a contact in the first switch opened after a quick clean, I was in a hurry, didn't bother to lube the slider even. The mount is metal, and is a bit rusty after ~ten years use and abuse, this along with the bent contact, are terms for a complete disassemble, new key switches soldered and paint. So I shelved the keyboard until after the holiday shipping tripe is completed, where I can be assured the switches will arrive un bastardised. < is that a word? So I went with a Lenovo 54Y9400 I had sitting around. A good membrane (rubber dome) keyboard widely used in data entry. First few days no issues. Now the real issue is rearing it's ugly head. But what is it? As I understand, rollover is programmed on board, as in keyboard. Yet when a keyswitch contacts bounce past the point of the programming, you clean / replace the switches. Simple, unless the logic board is borked. I've been fixing the double characters prior to this sentence, here is an example: TL;DR example on membrane KB: 1234567890))((.>??MMnNvcxxzASD you get the idea. This is on the Lenovo 544Y9400 membrane keyboard. [Searching] links me to mechanical switches why what and how toos, nothing about when a membrane KB does this, I've looking in /dev for ukbd to no avail, done a short bit of searching for the keyboard controller in Ubuntu, google is helping by assuming I'm working with a MIDI device. And eliminating all other interests several pages in. Thoughts, ideas?/ << nice bounce eh?/
  2. Sure, KDE gives people eye candy, and the latest KDE has a look that falls right in line with the 'flat' smooth GUI I give the community credit for sticking with development, why they do I can't imagine. It's quite possible it gives some the feeling they are accomplishing something. Which they are, yet if I set out to create something and stick with it, even though it really does not function, what does this make me? Years, what, fifteen or more? The same thing, good looks, complete trash stability wise. I read recently someone said it outloud and I'll quote " it's not supposed to be stable", sure wish I had a snapshot of my face when I read that one line comment. Priceless. I thought whoa, then I though hmph, well it is always in heavy development, so then again, what does heavy development have to do with not being stable in any sense, for the entirety of it's existence? Nothing. Not even going down the path mentioning placing systemd under KDE. Oo Do you restart that machine constantly for the hell of it? Or are you forced to due to some strange reverberating / self restarting x-server. Though I give credit where credit is due, at least when the x-server crashes, it restarts itself now, that those with little or no knowledge of terminal are not forced to jam down on the power button as if it's some sort of bastardized windows millennium install with an insatiable appetite for rambus. /plasma what? A desktop but not a desktop, yet something that can be used mobile or wait where were w going here? heloo? Android? Heard of it yet? So go develop over there. Hello? A desktop will always be just that, a real life keyboard and a screen. Touch is almost dead for obvious reasons. (not really but going nowhere atm) There was a song that parodies fairly well here " ya gotta keepem' separated" , jingle any jangles there chuckie ? Gnome, what can be said. Stable. Clean, yep, went off the track trying that mobile thing, but stopped before it went full tardaliscious on us all. Fair enough. Here,please allow me, there is one simple word that keeps an end user entranced into the environment in which they begin to feel comfortable, STABILITY, it's not even usability, they will learn and adapt. Get it together, the time of who has the market share is all but finished, everything considered. Settle into what you truly enjoy, developing something that functions, repeatedly, under pressure, without as much as a glitch due to over divulging that ever "must has more stuffs on screen' thing. /back to gnome, as much as it is stable and can be counted on, it's ugly. Hell, XFCE trashes gnome anyhow, lack of plugins however, in time, in time.
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