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Found 1 result

  1. We are happy to announce the release of pfSense® software version 2.3! The most significant changes in this release are a rewrite of the webGUI utilizing Bootstrap, and the underlying system, including the base system and kernel, being converted entirely to FreeBSD pkg. The pkg conversion enables us to update pieces of the system individually going forward, rather than the monolithic updates of the past. The webGUI rewrite brings a new responsive look and feel to pfSense requiring a minimum of resizing or scrolling on a wide range of devices from desktop to mobile phones. For the highlights, check out the Features and Highlights video. Past blog posts have covered some of the changes, such as the performance improvements from tryforward, and the webGUI update. The full list of changes is on the 2.3 New Features and Changes page. To get to a release, we’ve closed 760 total tickets. While the majority of these were related to the Bootstrap conversion, 137 are fixed bugs impacting 2.2.6 and earlier releases. Source He doesn't really wake up and realise he's doing a video until around the 2:15 mark; fyi People, check it out, start a VM locally and have at it. Run the live version, just have a look at what this thing can do for you and your control over what comes in and what does not. Good stuff!
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