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Found 1 result

  1. Ubuntu 20.04 Gnome 3.36.8 I've been using a Matias FK302 since release, roughly ten years now, nearly flawless outside of the occasional bounce. Naturally as time goes on this got worse to the point i knew a cleaning / replacement was necessary. So I started the process with keycap soup: Then began opening the switches, they are simplified APLS SKBM clones with Matias tweaks. I've successfully cleaned these switches in the past so I knew what to expect, none the less I "successfully" bent a contact in the first switch opened after a quick clean, I was in a hurry, didn't bother to lube the slider even. The mount is metal, and is a bit rusty after ~ten years use and abuse, this along with the bent contact, are terms for a complete disassemble, new key switches soldered and paint. So I shelved the keyboard until after the holiday shipping tripe is completed, where I can be assured the switches will arrive un bastardised. < is that a word? So I went with a Lenovo 54Y9400 I had sitting around. A good membrane (rubber dome) keyboard widely used in data entry. First few days no issues. Now the real issue is rearing it's ugly head. But what is it? As I understand, rollover is programmed on board, as in keyboard. Yet when a keyswitch contacts bounce past the point of the programming, you clean / replace the switches. Simple, unless the logic board is borked. I've been fixing the double characters prior to this sentence, here is an example: TL;DR example on membrane KB: 1234567890))((.>??MMnNvcxxzASD you get the idea. This is on the Lenovo 544Y9400 membrane keyboard. [Searching] links me to mechanical switches why what and how toos, nothing about when a membrane KB does this, I've looking in /dev for ukbd to no avail, done a short bit of searching for the keyboard controller in Ubuntu, google is helping by assuming I'm working with a MIDI device. And eliminating all other interests several pages in. Thoughts, ideas?/ << nice bounce eh?/
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