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Virus Warning!


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A new Virus has been detected. It carries the codename "work".

should you receive work from a colleague, boss or other source via e-mail or in other form do not execute it!

"work" will destroy your entire social life!

If you receive "work" take at least 2 good friends with you to the nearest bar and order a round of drinks. repeating this ten to fifteen times will completely erase "work" from your thoughts.

Send this warning to at least five friends. Should you have less than five friends that is a sure sign that you already got infected with "work" and should take steps immediately.

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that too hilarious...in stitches here

and one would think u all were workin together to put this up...

:haha: :haha: :haha:

They have to work in groups  :-P

Otherwise they're lost...

"go slow in the driveway"  :haha: :haha: :haha:

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I just found a new virus, it's called "Life".  IF you see "Life" you must first of all take caution with it.  After that you must delete the program.  Best program i found for that is the "Murder 1.2".  SO far it takes care of all your needs and fixes your problems.  "Murder 1.2" also works for Wife 1.0, Girlfriend 1.0, and Whore 1.0.  But the side effects of "Murder 1.2 "is you need to start everything all over again.  Other than that it works great.  Other programs to easily remove unwanted programs, a.k.a. system restore is "Suicide 1.5".  It's done wonders for me. 

~ Hope this helps

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they got this new thing now. its called NEW YEARS 2006.0  All u have to do is install it, get totally wasted pass out in some girls pickup truck, go to her house,and do your thing. The best thing about this program is as long as your drunk you have no worries. (wife 1.0, girlfriend 1.0, murder 1.2, dr phil 3.0) is all gone until you get your lazy @$$ up in the morning. But being drunk and having all these problems your more prone to installing suicide 1.5. Your choice. And u can make a resolution that all the horrible stuff you did/done/doing is all in 2005 and you will never see it again!!!!!!!!!!

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