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New Graphics Card shows OS - 2x mode


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Hey, got a new graphics card.

Original - GeforceFX 5200 256MB PCI

New      - Geforce 6600 256MB AGP 8x

My problem is this, so it's 8x right? My OS seems to detect it as 2x, the same as PCI, is this right?



If I'm reading that picture right, it looks like your Windows XP won't support above AGP 2x for some reason :S

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I got VIA, I heard something like this before so I'll try a registry tweak right now, see if that works.

k, I'm going to check it in Everest Ultimate now, I found a Via4xMode reg tweak, but it didn't fix it from displaying 2x, and I found in graphics card info tab it said 8x.

Everything says it's fine except for that one thing, so it must be fine.

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