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Strange Problem


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I have been having a strange problem with my DW6000 modem regarding speed and the Web Acceleration Status. The acceleration status is inactive, and even though I am browsing HTTP sites, it is making no attempt to connect and bring the status to operational. I have had this happen before, and it required a repoint of my dish to fix, but the last time, my connection didn't work hardly at all when the status was inactive. This time, the connection works, and my speed has gone from 650-700kbps to about 1Mbps. Any file download is faster; I downloaded a random software update from Apple and it had the same kb/s that testmy.net had. But, web pages seem to be loading slower, regardless of the speed increase. Uploads are the same as they were before. This happened last night and was resolved when I rebooted my modem. The same thing happened tonight around the same time. I consider it a problem since my acceleration should be operational, and web pages are loading much slower. Is anyone else having this pronlem or know what could be going on? I was thinking that it might be a good idea to leave my modem unplugged for a few hours to reset it, but I really don't know. My signal strength is 69. Any help would be appreciated.


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It's probably due to the peak hours,  my web acceleration status will go down a few times between 5-10, but it comes back.

There's nothing wrong with restarting your modem...

Does it go out at about 3 in the morning?

And what package and sat. are you on?

To find what sat your on, type in your browser, and navigate to system info, paste whats there and post it here.

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