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oh god, what now?


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Someone please tell me what outlook express is doing, here's a ss, notice the completely blank messages, and it showing as having two unread ones...what the hell is it doing now? please, someone has got to know.

if u look all the way at the bottom of ur inbox...u'll see2 unopened email that seem blank...these r emails that contains a possible virus that were caught by why ever antivirus program u use or by M$ builtin email av...

if u look at those emails...they'll probably be completely blank (from and subject) and will cantain an explaination from ur antivirus

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With dial-up my ISP also filters the e-mail for viruses.I had several notices from some I got last week.They give the e-mail address of the sender but all of them were bogus addresses.Anyway they caught them before the hit Outlook.I do use a firewall & AV of my own to screen e-mail as well.So far I have never gotten a virus in e-mail.

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Guest thecableguy

i used to use incredimail...anyone have any thought on incredimail??...i liked it cuz it was fun to and easy to use...easy to set up folder and block and bounce. and it ran in the task bar so i always knew when i had mail

Incredihell is great for those who just insist on colorizing and adorning their email with cute and very annoying iconatures.  Don't try to import a huge Outlook or OE message base though or you will quickly discover why it's called INCREDIHELL!

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