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Buffers - Max IRQ Per second - Jumbo Frames

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I noticed my network card has settings for Max IRQ per second, and Number of Receive Buffers(max 500), and number of Transmit Buffers(limit 200).

I've been playing around with them, and noticed I can increase my RWIN, if I increase the buffers as well(the buffers number for the nic card)..

Bascially if I run a speed test, and the progress bar jumps(not steady progress), I increase the buffers on the nic card, and eventually it smoothes out the progress bar...

I am not sure what the Max IRQ per second(max 30000) setting will do, I have turned it up to max, and really couldn't tell...

My question is, should I use a larger rwin with larger buffers on the nic card, or smaller rwin, with smaller buffers? And what effect will larger IRQ per second setting have?

I also enabled Jumbo frames, which I have found to actually help..(seems I can use smaller rwin values and achieve faster speeds)...Does anyone have knowledge of Jumbo Frames, and whether or not it truely affects Rwin values?

Thanks in advance  :D

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