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I know this sounds like a noob question but,.,,,

Is there any way to get a free team speak server?

i mean i have been told that its relativlely easy to get my own/free teamspeak server but i havent exactly been told HOW

Or if anyone has a public teamspeak server that me and about three friends could use?


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i haven't tried, but i can tell you with assurance that it doesn't work. what you gave is an ip that is not intended for public use. it is part of the ip addresses reserved for private/corporate INTERNAL networks.

you have an ip addy from your isp. you need to use that and forward the port in question from your router to the 192.xxxxxx ip you gave.

if it happens that some of the people trying to get on where in fact on the same internal network as you there might be other issues. but the major error stated above remains.

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yes. and like i said you will probably need to forward the port to the server. from what i saw on the site the udp one... but check the faq on that.

otherwise the router gets udp packets on port 8767 and doesn't know what computer on the internal network they are for. in that case it may send it to all or it will discard them as an attempt at mischief. probably the latter. so you have to tell it that you are expecting stuff to come in on that port and that it is ok for the router to send it to 192xxxxx

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