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Super Bowl XL


Who will win the SUPERBOWL?  

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  1. 1. Who will win the SUPERBOWL?

    • AFC - Steelers
    • NFC - Seahawks

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I told everyone who I know that doubted the Pittsburgh Steelers that they would be in for a rude awakening. Go Steelers! And those terrible towels will be waving victorious in Detroit when they get one for the thumb. Jerome Bettis needs to win a Super Bowl in his home state before he retires. What a story that will be. :occasion14::headbang:

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Steelers beats Broncos 34-17

Seahawks beats Panthers 34-14

The matchup is set. It's Steelers vs. Seahawks in Super Bowl XL in Detroit. The Steelers are the first No. 6 seed to advance, while the Seahawks are making their first trip to the title game. :D :D

both those games scores were pretty close.

The Panthers blew it tonite...i cant belive it.  Last week they were lookin really good when they played the Bears

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I gotta go with Pitt. You can't go on the road three straight weeks and knock off higher seeds just to lose the big one. They'll finish.

Both teams had cushy schedules. I mean c'mon now, Seattle got 10 wins from teams with par to sub par records. A combined 35-77. oooooh scarey. Not very tough competition. You can say the same about Pittsburgh. They had Tenn, Houston, Minn and Cleveland. But here's my take on Seattle. The Dallas game was a gift and please, N.Y. had them beat three times. Alexander didn't get his buck until the 5th quarter. Thank Feeley for that game. Shaun can't run against a good defense. He had his best games against SF, St. Louis, Tenn., Houston and Arizona. Jacksonville came along-73yds. Washington-98yds. Dallas-61. Philly-49. I just don't see him running well against Pitt.(You take him out against a good defense, and Hasselback will have a long day).  And look at the Indy win..well don't look too hard. Who played in that game? Indy's second team...third..? Okay, Seattle beat the Skins...(but so did Oakland). And Carolina had what for a running game? Nothing. Broken ankles and concussions. Forced them into pass mode. Just, sit back, cover Smith and pick off passes all day. I'm just not convinced Seattle is for real. IMO. I'm not trying to dis any Seattle fans or anything like that. I'm not a fan of either team, actually. This is just my take on it.

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