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IPv6 Internet Speed Measurement Service--VSIX.NET(IPV4&IPV6 Real Time Speed)

Guest jeffwalker9999

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IPv6 Internet Speed Measurement Service

is provided to estimate the speed of Internet in IPv6 environment.


Without installing additional software, you can estimate your own IPv6, IPv4 Internet speed at real-time on the web.

At NCA (National Computerization Agency) IPv6 Portal (Vsix.Net)

( Site is in Japanese and a Mix of English )


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Speed Test Site ( japanese / english )



A good  6 to 4 gateway is ...............................

Append ".sixxs.org" or ".ipv6.sixxs.org" to the hostname of the website you want to visit

EX: http://www.google.com.ipv6.sixxs.org"

WinXp :::::

The stack is very easily manually installed from a command line just by typing ipv6 install

What is my 6 IP?  Find Your IP 6 Address!


For TRACERT -6   ::::

www.vsix.net ,ipv6.sixxs.net ,www.deepspace6.net ,ipv6.bt.com

As always Make It A Good Day!!

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