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Both of my suggestions are forum related.

1) I noticed you're using phpbb 2.0.6. Have you thought of upgrading to 2.0.11 or something more recent?

2) One of those quick reply mods would be handy. I can get you an example if you don't know what I'm talking about.

I don't mind if anyone replies. However, if you're just going to gripe at me for giving a suggestion and start defending CA3LE for whatever reason, please save your energy because I really don't want to hear it. :oops:

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Well, I found a few forums with quick reply, but none on phpBB. Anyway, go to phpBBHacks.com and type "quick reply" without the quotes into the search at the top. Though they say they're for versions earlier than 2.0.11, I would still make a phpBB test forum and see how they work. My webhost has the Fantastico script on the server, so I can easily make you one under a subdomain and get you the FTP information if you like. Just PM me the login and pass you want if you decide to do that.

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forgot about this thread, but yea methinks ca3le should get a 'real' board, like with members list and usergroups and customizable reputations and all that fun stuff. Because when im not working & @ home and not asleep, im bored lmao.

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