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Wildblue changes FAP.. again

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I traded emails back and forth with a rep from highspeedanywhere.com and although the rep seemed very knowledgeable, I just got a vibe that I would go through a huge headache switching companies and would be no better off for it.  They wanted me to buy a new dish, even though I own a 1.2 meter KA/KU dish, and wanted to charge me almost 2 grand to start up.  Not worth it in my book. 

As to whether or not they have a set FAP, I don't know, but they did ask me how much data I wanted to move, and I answered "no limit" which is the way it ought to be...after all if you pay for broadband speed, whats the point if there is such a thing as "you moved to much data with all this speed we gave you".  Go figure.

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I suppose the only good thing about the new wildblue fap is you actually are not limited for the rest of the month if you do go over.  I still think it's much better than Dway's 400mb over a few hours policy that they have.  I'm still able to download a 1 gig file at a time if I feel that's what I want to do.  It suits my purposes just fine.

I'm sure once I get fapped, I'll change my tune though.  :haha:

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wildblue sucks, my phone line is faster,i had my laptop on the phone line my desktop on wildblue and the phone wins most of the time. i have worked with tech, and had the installer back 4 times same old crap well #36 is too full. i think we should try and get a class action suit on them for scammimg us, what do you think?  cadiz,ky

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BIRD FAN    they say that so its your trouble, i had thr routers on dway,cable, dsl, they all worked very well WILDBLUE is just a scammer taking your money an the hell with you.i wish some one would shoot there sat.out of the sky or it would fall out. ha best thing to happen for us. any one getting wildblue go see it work first. then run

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Im still going thru the threads, so i applogize if someone has asked this already.

Im on direcway DW6000. And recently we noticed they blocked p2p. I was considering Wildblue. But didnt wanna invest the money into another satilite to have the same problem again.

So far the only main web pages ive had problems with on Dway is Say paypal.coms nextels, and bank of america. Theres a few others, but nothing i visit much.  Bank of americas ive gotten to work if i use mozilla explore. But no luck on the other sites.

Do yall have problems with logging in to those sites? Or is it just a dway issue?



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