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Overclocking, intel pent 4


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im running a

intel pent 4 with ht tech

3.00GHz cpu

1.5 gig RAM

and my temp's about 42 degree's avrg.

Sony vaio [model : vgc-rb42g]

windows media center service pack 2

250 hdd

[glow=red,2,300]can this be over clocked[/glow]; it runs so cool.

so uping it really wont hurt it to much.

thanks pce, jake.

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Ur not gonna be able to oc that....like disturbed said ocing a factory computer is hard if not impossible.

Dont even try and do it in the bios.  U could attempt to use some overclcocking programs but ur cpu isnt running very cool.

If i were you i would just keep it the way it is

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it runs cool; honestly, rarly gets heats up; actully never has, alright i guess no ocin this pc. it idles fine, and when i put my handin the case say almost by the cpu, i get a very little warm sensation, its not as hot as my amd its running to fans plus a oc'd video card...w/e out.

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