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I want to disable my Integrated Video


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You will most likely have an option to disable the Onboard video in the BIOS, or possibly a jumper on the board to disable it. There should also be the option to initialize Onboard, PCI, or AGP port for video output.

Most, if not all, motherboards with onboard video will automatically disable the onboard once booted up with a video card inserted into the AGP or PCI port. If it does not (which is rare) then you go into your BIOS and disable the video there, if available.

-JxL :wink:

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You will most likely have an option to disable the Onboard video in the BIOS.....

You are correct SIR

--- Hold DEL on boot, go into your bios (if you have award bios) -- you most likely will find the setting in 'Integrated Peripherals' and it will most likely say 'On Board Video' change from enabled to disabled (hit the + key) and [esc] from that screen exit with save and reboot.

Screenshot below is of the award bios screen... the correct stuff isn't highlighted, but you get the idea ~~ you may want to edit the bios with the new video card OUT of the computer, after you edit, turn off the PC and pop in your new card... TA-DA it should work.... let us know :)

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i already installed the drivers, they work, what im saying is, is that i wanted to just disable the whole integrated card, and have the V2 do all the work......but the dirvers that they have for the device, arent supposed to be the only card in the PC taht actually does ALL of the computing graphically wise....

so basically, this card will not be standalone...

oh well


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