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Holographic storage: the 500GB business card


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Blu-ray discs are supposed to store 25GB. HD-DVD may stretch up to 45GB. Big deal. The next new storage medium, holographic storage, may be able to cram 300GB onto one inexpensive disk.

In holographic storage, a laser beam is split by a mirror. One of the split beams has data encoded into it. The two beams are then recombined in a medium that records their interference pattern. This pattern can be read back and decoded into the original data. Since data is literally encoded in beams of light and in three dimensions, data densities are incredibly high.

he challenge is finding a recording medium for the beams that is stable, fast to read to and write from, and inexpensive. InPhase Technologies, a spin-off from Bell Labs, has the magic polymer and is bringing it to market this year.

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the material has been there for decades. some university students did some experiments and found out that the standard clear tape 3M makes can be used as a medium to store information. several laser beams are targeted at one layer of the tape on the roll from different directions, changing that spots properties by heating it. this change can be read by focusing weaker lasers in the same way. you then write a series of dots into the roll of tape and end up with an inexpensive widely available storage medium that can be easily transported and stored.

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That I agree with,, the tech. has been there.. these companies slowly move this technolgy out so they can make MORE money down the years,, by swithcing standards and supposely offering new technolgy and better viewing experiences to the consumer.. IE. BETAMAX>LASERDISK>VHS>DVD>HD-DVD>BLURAY>HOLOGRAPHIC DISK>WHO THE HELL KNOWS  You see all these diff technology just sitting there not being utilized right know, and if you want to use it they make them so expensive you bother not to you use it and make you look dumb down the long run when you don't have it... "dude your still burning dvd's on your computer.. man check out my Blu-ray high definiton Dolby Digital hyper threading Microwave oven!!!

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