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Norton AntiVirus vs. McAfee VirusScan


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McAfee: I got McAfee w/ comcast and it REALLY sucks... whenever I took a test I'd always have like a 70% score with firewall and virus scan off... I don't know why though, I guess it's just my computer.

Norton: I just hate it... doesn't really help with the protection and slows down my computer really bad.  :mad2:

I'm using Kaspersky, and it's AWESOME!!!! My tests aren't 70% of my Comcast's anymore, it's 30.1% faster than Comcast's!!  :D

I just have to say, be careful with what you choose. :-P

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i have kaspersky personal pro...umm...but i'm using bitdefender 9, should i be using kaspersky? and is it only a firewall or not? because if not, what should i get also? i have personal security suite 5, also.

You should be using Kaspersky Personal Pro. It gives the best protection IMO. It's an Anit-Virus solution with some network protection. Get a seperate firewall.

I run a hardware firewall along with Lavasoft Personal Firewall ver. 1.0.543.5722 (433)

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I can't believe no one has mentioned the best of them all - Eset NOD32. Hands down best I have used, which has been just about all of them - including all those mentioned here. I don't know why it isn't mentioned more, as it is a great product with an excellent heuristics engine - very important for early detection of virus' (or is that virii?). Also, they provide virus signature updates almost daily. Don't take my word for it, though. Google it and read. You will find that most true security experts either recommend NOD32 or include it in their list of ones they would recommend. Here is their link, if interested: 


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