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Ok, recently im not able to connect to the name authorization server for bf2.. it like.. freezes on that..

i am almost positive its my router.. i think bf2 used to work ok in the DMZ.. but lately it stopped working..

i unhooked my router and plugged it directly to the modem..BOOM it worked

im so torn over this that i wanted to buy my own modem for my computer and let my sister take another modem and use the router.. let her deal with it.. she doesnt game

any suggestions ...troubleshooting.. etc. ?

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(well thats for the Comcast update one)

what??? what does Comcast have to do with updating your routers firmware?

ok lets try this, i'll scroll up too to see if i missed it,

complete name, and model # of your router.

You use Comcast so u use a motorala sb5120?

yeah no, u didnt specify your hardware,

specify your hardware lets see what kinda firmware we can dig up?

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ok duh i got blunted, brb then. :evil6:

624 or 624+

actually there are several revisions of that router, and being specific is necessary when it comes to firmware.

http://support.dlink.com/products/revision.asp  <---- crappy link BRB

again, updating your ROUTERS firmware, has NOTHING to do with Comcast.

and the motorala sb5120, should be your ISP's (Comcasts) MODEM not your router, u know, it's plugged into your WAN port on your dlink router.

select your model #, please veiw all the revisions, http://support.dlink.com/,  finding a 3rd party firmware flash on futuremark may be a better option, and may not take as long.

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